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Forced Isotropic Turbulence Dataset on 81923 Grid:

Dataset description

Forced Isotropic Turbulence Dataset on 81923 Grid:

Simulation data provenance: Georgia Tech DNS code (see README-isotropic8192 for more details).

  • Direct numerical simulation (DNS) using 81923 nodes.
  • Navier-Stokes is solved using pseudo-spectral method.
  • Time integration uses second-order Runge-Kutta.
  • The simulation is de-aliased using phase-shifting and truncation.
  • Energy is injected by keeping the energy density in the lowest wavenumber modes prescribed following the approach of Donzis & Yeung.
  • After the simulation has reached a statistical stationary state, a frame of data, which includes the 3 components of the velocity vector and the pressure, are generated and written in files that can be accessed directly by the database (FileDB system).
  • Domain: 2π × 2π × 2π
  • Grid: 81923
  • Number of snapshots available: 6
  • Taylor-scale Reynolds number Reλ ~ 1200-1300 for snapshots 0-4, and Reλ ~ 610 for snapshot 5
  • Viscosity, dissipation, RMS velocity, and Kolmogorov scale: see README-isotropic8192
  • GetPosition is not implemented for this dataset.
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