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JHTDB Cutout Service

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Specify the cutout parameters below. Select the starting index for the cutout and the size in each dimension. Optionally, a step or stride can be specified to obtain every "other" data point. If a step size is specified the data can olso optionally be filtered using a box filter (except in the case of the channel flow dataset). To get a filtered cutout specify the filter width for the box filter in units of grid points.

Starting coordinate
index for cutout: [?]
 Size of cutout: [?]
 (end index minus start index + 1)
  Step (optional) :
mt (0-1024):
 Mt (1-1025):
ix (0-1023):
 Nx (1-1024):
jy (0-1023):
 Ny (1-1024):
kz (0-1023):  Nz (1-1024):

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